Cell Saga


Imperfect Cell Saga...

The Z Warriors suspect the Androids are coming to Goku's house to kill him and move Goku to the Kame House.  On the journey, Bulma contacts the crew and tells them of  the discovery of an abandoned time machine much like Trunks', but Trunks has his machine in a capsule with him. He tells that Bulma only made one capsule in the future.  Trunks and Gohan fly in to investigate. Trunks and Gohan find some sort of shell a creature has emerged from... but where is the creature?  Our hero's soon find out for in a close by town, the mysterious creature is absorbing everyone.

Piccolo sees that the only way to defeat the Androids would be to power up dramatically, and decides to fuse back with Kame. Kame, watcher of the earth, looks on as an enemy unlike any other attacks Gingertown. Victims are completely consumed, and no one is spared. Kame tells Piccolo that the earth does not need a god now, but a super powered being. The two merge together, but is it enough?

Piccolo flies to the town with the strange evil being who is absorbing everyone. (All the inhabitants of the town have vanished and only empty clothing remain.) The being hatched from the time machine shows itself. The two duke it out... Piccolo shows that he is now a Super Namekian!  Stronger than ever!  But Cell is also powerful and soon gets a hold of Piccolo. Cell tries to absorb Piccolo and actually turns his arm into a shabby rag.  Piccolo announces that Cell has won and begins to ask questions that Cell, feeling good, answers.  It introduces itself as Cell, another one of Dr. Gero's creations. When Trunks returned to the future and killed Androids 17 and 18 of that time, Cell easily killed Trunks and stole his time machine to return to the past where the Androids were still alive, to become the greatest and strongest creation ever. Cell reveals how Dr. Gero planned for Cell to be the best android ever. In order to reach perfect form, he needed the beings of two figures crucial to the power up- Androids 17 and 18. As newly hatched, he needed energy. That is why he has been absorbing people. Piccolo laughs and tells that he won't let Cell reach perfect form. Then, he tears off his useless limb and regenerates his arm.  Cell is astonished but ready, for the regeneration must have taken a lot out of Piccolo.  The two fight again, but Cell escapes by using Solar Flare. (An attack which releases bright light and temporarily blinds whoever is looking)  Cell finds another town, where he continues to absorb for energy. Piccolo and his comrades hunt for Cell, but are always one step behind.

The Androids are heading for Goku's house by a car.  When they finally reach Goku's house, they find it abandoned.  Android 16 tells them that they have left to another place, he can trace them.  They continue on with the Search And Kill Goku Game.

Goku recovers from his illness and, hearing everything while asleep, prepares to join in fighting. He teleports for Gohan and then to Vegeta and Trunks' location, telling of a place where they can train for one year... in just one day!  (amazing isn't it!?) Everyone goes to Sky Palace and enter the Time and Spirit Room, where time passes by slower. Only two people can train at a time in the room. Vegeta and Trunks enter first.

After devouring many civilians, Cell has grown VERY powerful.  He senses powers and knows that the androids are there.  He heads over.

The Androids reached the Kame House. The Non-Saiyan Z Warriors are there and Piccolo stalls. Piccolo and the Androids fly to a near by island and battles Android 17 while the remaining Androids, 16 and 18 watch. As the two fight, Cell reaches them. Cell easily beats Piccolo and heads for Android 17. Android 17 knows nothing about Cell and attempts to bully him, but Cell begins to make a fool of 17 also.

Before Cell is able to absorb Android 17, Android 16 joins the fight. Android 16 overwhelms Cell. Cell becomes buried in a pile of rubble, but emerges atop Android 17 and absorbs him. Cell changes into form 2. Cell becomes stronger than Android 16 and blows a hole through the side of his head.  It seems all is lost... but NO!  Tien has been watching and jumps in.  Tien stands no chance against Cell but uses his Kikoho to blow Cell further and further into the ground. (Kikoho, hold hands together in a triangle form, it the blast hits the opponent with force instead of an energy ball)

Android 18 helps 16 and they both flee.  Android 16 can hardly fly so they stop on a nearby island and hope Cell won't find them.

Tien has run out of power and collapses.  Cell is disgusted that such a puny fighter such as Tien has slowed him down.  Cell is about to kill Tien when Goku teleports to the battlefield.  Goku tells Cell that he isn't ready to fight.  He grabs Piccolo and Tien and teleports away.  Cell heads off in search of Android 18.

Finally... Trunks and Vegeta emerge from the Time and Spirit Room.  Stronger than ever... they head off to defeat Cell.

Cell is destroying island by island.  Becoming frantic, 18 thinks that the only way is to give up.  16 tells her to stay low and not worry... but Cell's blasts are getting closer.  After a moment or two of Cell's blasting and talk, he gets down to the last island.  The ball of energy begins to form in his hand.  But he doesn't fire it off..... for Vegeta and Trunks have arrived.  Cell is sure he can defeat Vegeta and they both begin to battle.  Trunks stays out of the fight.  Cell gets frantic as he thinks he can defeat Vegeta, but Vegeta is whooping his butt instead.  Cell tells Vegeta that if he can absorb 18, then he'll be stronger than ever.  Cell says that Vegeta will then have the challenge of his life.  Trunks yells 'no' to his father but Vegeta tells him to mind his own business and agrees.

There are a few parts that don't need to be explained... but I'll give it to ya briefly.  Trunks is about to take on Cell but Vegeta stops Trunks.  They both begin to battle it out.  Krillin and Android 16 make no effect on Cell and Cell easily absorbs 18.  Trunks yells out in anger, but Vegeta only grins with glee.

Cell is now in his perfect state and begins to battle Vegeta.  Vegeta can'y lay one hand on Cell.  Finally, he gets a good kick in.  He's proud of himself.  BUT!  Cell didn't budge.  How can that be?  Vegeta gave him a good kick!?  Becoming very pissed off... Vegeta prepares his most powerful attack, the Final Flash.  This blast could destroy the planet.  Instead... he aims it so that it won't hit the planet... just Cell.  He gets a direct hit and blows Cell in half.  Trunks, Krillin, and Vegeta breathe deeply now that it's over.  But Cell regenerates his body and smirks with glee.  He puts Vegeta into the ground face first.

Now it's Trunks' turn.  Trunks has a secret, Ultra Super Saiyan.  But in this state he is too slow and Cell knows it, but Trunks doesn't.  Cell makes a fool out of Trunks and shows him that he can go ultra too, but he knows it's too slow.  Now Trunks gives up and waits for Cell's last move.  (Krillin had taken Vegeta away)  Cell tells Trunks that he won't kill him now.  He is going to set up a Cell Game so that the Earth has a chance to survive.

Android 16 is brought to Bulma by Krillin, she begins repairs.

Cell Game...

A tournament is held to fight Cell in what is known as the "Cell Game". In this "game", if Cell wins he will destroy the earth. Goku and Cell battle to a standstill. The battle gets intense, but Goku suddenly surrenders for he cannot defeat Cell and tells Gohan to take his place. Goku gives Cell a senzu bean, saying that it will make it fair for Cell.  Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and Trunks think Goku's gone mad, they repeat that Gohan is going to die.

Gohan tells that he understands why his father is making him fight. He tells that whenever he gets angry, he powers up unbelievably and uncontrollably. Cell boasts that he wants to see this hidden strength of Gohan's and begins to pound him to make him angry. Goku calmly watches while Gohan is still not angry enough to fight back. Gohan is getting beaten badly but Goku tells his comrades to just watch and wait. Android 16, a robot, has no "ki" so he can't be sensed. The android silently walks to Cell and puts him into a lock-hold.  Android 16 tells everyone to clear out because he will ignite the doomsday device that Dr. Gero placed in his creations as a backup plan. Krillin shouts that it won't work because Bulma removed the bomb when she rebuilt the robot. Cell laughs and shatters Android 16.

Cell grows tired of this and threatens to harm the spectators- Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and Piccolo. Cell flies to Krillin to steal his bag of senzu beans and heads back to Gohan. He counts seven spectators and, from his tail, spits out seven miniature blue duplicates of himself. The Cell Juniors are born. Gohan watches desperately as the seven little monsters fly towards his comrades. Goku, too weak to fight after fighting Cell, is unable to fend off the Juniors. The other Z Warriors get beaten as well. Gohan only watches in distress, seeing that it's because of him that Cell afflicted the attacks upon his comrades.

In the background, Hercule (Mr. Satan), his henchmen, a reporter, and a camera-man have been broadcasting the fight. Android 16's head was thrown in the direction of Satan. The head begins to talk and request that it be brought close to Gohan, telling that this is the only way that the world can be saved. After much reluctance, Satan cowardly carries the head across the battlefield, throws it in front of Gohan, and hides behind a rock again. Android 16's head encourages Gohan to fight. Cell sees the touching scene and splatters the head with a foot. The death of Android 16 triggers the hidden rage in Gohan and Gohan powers up to Super Saiyan level 2, surpassing the limits of the ordinary Super Saiyan level. Gohan steals the senzu's back from Cell and then single-handed kills all Cell Juniors.

Gohan heads for Cell and bullies him. Cell powers up to 100% and attacks, but is still unable to defeat Gohan. With a kick in the body, Cell spits Android 18 back out and degrades back into form 2. Seeing no way to win in an even weaker form, Cell activates his self-destruct sequence (the bomb in his body) so that the planet will go with him. To save the Earth, Goku teleports Cell to King Kai's planet. Cell explodes and King Kai's tiny planetoid becomes ruined.  Goku, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory die at the cost of saving the earth.

The Z Warriors stand stunned at what happened, not knowing whether to mourn the loss of Goku or cheer the victory that the earth has been saved. An unexpected  fireball flies out and pierces through Trunks. Trunks dies before he hits the ground. Cell, in perfect form, appears smiling. The Z Warriors must face Cell again, without Goku.

Cell tells that when he exploded, the nucleus of one of his brain cells survived. From the cell, mitosis was possible and he was able to regenerate his entire body.  Cell boasts that he was also able to rebuild himself in perfect form, commenting that it may be the work of the Saiyan cells he  possesses. Saiyans grow stronger each time they reach the brink of death, and likewise with these cells, Cell is now stronger. Vegeta becomes outraged and shoots hundreds of fireballs at Cell. The smoke clears and reveals Cell unscathed. Cell flies over and knocks Vegeta out. Then, he aims a fireball at Vegeta's helpless body and shoots. Gohan intervenes the blast to save Vegeta's life, taking the blast for him. Gohan gets back up with half his body bloody.

Cell and Gohan blast Kamehameha's at each other and an energy duel is followed to see who can hold out longer. Cell's kamehameha begins to overwhelm Gohan's, but Gohan simply tries to hold out without much true effort of fighting back.  He doesn't have confidence anymore now that his dad is gone.. Through King Kai, Goku yells to encourage his son. The remaining Z Warriors (Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Piccolo) shoot energy blasts at Cell to try to help Gohan, but Cell's aura blows them away each time. Vegeta wakes back up and  flies above Cell, telling himself that if low class Saiyans (Goku and Gohan) can do it, so can he, an elite warrior and also Prince of all Saiyans. He charges up an energy ball and blasts it at Cell. In this distraction, Goku tells Gohan that now's his chance. Gohan strengthens his kamehameha wave and overwhelms Cell, disintegrating the monster in the blast.

The Z Warriors cheer over this victory and head to Sky Palace. Vegeta staggers away. Satan and the news reporters revive back to consciousness. Satan, seeing the area empty, takes advantage and takes credit for killing Cell, taking titles for  "The World Champion who saved the world from Cell" and "The Strongest Man in the Universe".

As the world parades for Satan, the Z Warriors are in Sky Palace. Dende heals Gohan and Trunks. Android 18 awakens. The Z Warriors threaten to kill her, but Krillin tells them not to. Android 18 flees. The warriors yell at Krillin for his decision, but then tease that he has a crush on her. The dragon balls have been gathered. Three wishes are permitted. A wish is made to remove the bombs in the Androids.  Another is made to revive all those killed by Cell.  However, Goku is still dead. Through King Kai, Goku tells that it is okay.  The Z Warriors all reflect on Goku's life.

Satan emerges a hero and very wealthy.  Gohan breaks the news about Goku to his mother.

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