Saiyan Saga



This is the Dragon Ball Z Episodes page!  Every number stands for the episode of Dragon Ball Z, there are 89 on this page right now. 

Dragon Ball Z

The Saiyan Saga


1. The Arrival of Radditz Goku leaves home to enjoy a reunion at Master Roshi's place, where Krillin, Bulma, and Oolong are. He introduces them to his son, Gohan, and they're all surprised to see that Goku has a son. While meditating in the desert, Piccolo senses an approaching power, which is revealed to be Radditz, Goku's brother from the Saiyan world. He doesn't waste his time confronting Piccolo, and takes off in search of Goku. The reunion is cut short when Radditz arrives at Master Roshi's, and tells Goku about who he is and where he came from, calling him... Kakarot, a complete shock to the Saiyan who had no clue as to his life. Radditz asks Goku to join him and help take over other worlds. When Goku refuses, Radditz kidnaps Gohan and takes off.



2. The World's Strongest Team As Goku, Krillin, and Master Roshi leave to rescue Goku from Radditz. Piccolo arrives and explains to them that it will be useless. He proposes a partnership with Goku to take down the Saiyan, which Goku accepts, and the two fly off towards Radditz's location with the help of Bulma's Dragon Radar. which detects the Dragon Ball on Gohan's hat. Goku and Piccolo do their best to defeat Radditz, but he is too powerful.



3. Gohan's Hidden Powers Goku grabs Radditz's tail, rendering him powerless, as Piccolo charges up his beam cannon. Radditz tricks Goku into letting go, and proceeds to give Goku a thrashing. Just as things are getting worse, Gohan explodes from the pod he was being held in, and flies towards Radditz engulfed in energy. he strikes him in the chest, severely weakening him. Goku then grabs Radditz around each arm, to let Piccolo charge up for the kill.



4. Goku's Unusual Journey Goku sacrifices himself to destroy his brother, as Piccolo's beam cannon kills them both. Piccolo tells a dying Radditz that Goku will be wished back with the Dragon Balls, and Radditz informs him of the transmitter on his power reader that lets his Saiyan comrades hear everything he has said, and will arrive on Earth in one year to claim the Dragon Balls as their own. Goku's spirit finds himself at the checkpoint of where all souls go after death. Kame takes him to the desk of King Yama, who allows Goku to travel along Snake Way to get to King Kai, who will train him for the upcoming battle with the Saiyans. On Earth, Piccolo takes Gohan with him, to train him as well, seeing as how he has one of the greatest fighting powers on the planet which needs to be




5. Gohan's Metamorphosis While training Gohan, Piccolo discovers that a full moon transforms Gohan into a giant rampaging monster. Piccolo takes care of the situation by destroying the moon and removing Gohan's tail. Meanwhile, Goku continues his year long travel along Snake Way, and Yajirobe arrives on Master Roshi's island to tell Krillin that he has been summoned by Kame to train on Korin Tower.



6. Gohan Makes a Friend After being left alone in the desert to fend for himself, Gohan encounters a friendly dinosaur, who is later killed by another not so friendly dinosaur. Meanwhile, Krillin and Bulma pull Yamcha away from a baseball game to tell him that Kame has summoned him to train for an upcoming fight, something he is all too eager to hear.



7. Trouble on Arlia On their way to Earth, the Saiyans Nappa and Vegeta stop off at Arlia, a world ruled by an evil dictator who enslaves everyone and forces them to fight in an arena. Vegeta and Nappa voluntarily participate, and take delight in destroying everyone who challenges them, as well as overthrowing the rulers and inadvertently granting freedom to Arlia's inhabitants. After leaving Arlia, Vegeta destroys it with the tip of two fingers.  (A blast of course) So much for heroics.



8. Home for Infinite Losers Goku falls asleep and falls off Snake Way, landing in a place where two trolls guard King Yama's tree of magic fruit. Goku accepts the trolls athletic challenges in exchange for information on getting back on Snake Way. Goku beats them, and is shown the secret passageway to get back on.



9. Princess Snake's Hospitality Goku reaches the midpoint of Snake Way - a palace where a beautiful Princess lives. He stays, thinking Princess Snake is King Kai, and is given the royal treatment. When he tries to leave, however, Princess Snake shows her true colors as a man-eating monster, and Goku uses speed and cunning to escape her and get back on track to see King Kai.



10. Escape from Piccolo Gohan builds a raft, and sails away to escape Piccolo's harsh training. After sailing into a storm, he washes up at the home of some orphans, who he helps in evading capture by some social workers.

Gohan eventually makes it home, but doesn't enter.  He thinks a moment, knowing he must stay and train to defend the earth.  Gohan heads off.  Piccolo watches from above and smirks.



11. Showdown in the Past Team Dragon Ball undergoes training at Korin Tower, home of Kame. Ready for some real action, the Team uses a telepathic simulator to train in the past and take on two Saiyan warriors.  The saiyan warriors prove to be the most power fullest ever encountered by the team.  They lose harshly.  And their jaws drop to hear that the 2 saiyans coming to earth are way stronger than the two they just fought.



12. The End of Snake Way Goku finally reaches the end of Snake Way, and leaps up to a small planet with incredible gravity, which is the home of King Kai. He mistakes a silly chimp for King Kai, and foolishly mimics his monk eying around as if it were training. The real King Kai steps out of his home and introduces himself to Goku.



13. A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles! Goku's first challenge is to overcome the gravity of King Kai's planet and be able to move freely in it, which he achieves by running after and catching Bubbles, the chimp.  It takes some time, but eventually, Goku catches him using speed and smarts.



14. The Legend of the Saiyans After a lesson in speed with Gregory, a cricket friend of King Kai, Goku takes a rest and eats, while King Kai tells him the story of Planet Vegeta and how it was destroyed. The Z Warriors on earth complete training at Korin Tower, and they take off for Earth to continue training. The year passes, and Goku completes his training. He reviews all he has learned, including the Spirit Bomb, which he charges up to fire at an oncoming projectile launched by King Kai.



15. A Black Day for Planet Earth Goku prepares to head back to Earth, and discovers that he will arrive on Earth one day after the Saiyans arrive. He telepathically tells Master Roshi to summon the Eternal Dragon and wish him back. Once restored to the physical plane, Goku heads for Earth at top speed. Nappa and Vegeta arrive on Earth, and Nappa immediately begins to destroy buildings. Using their scouters, the Saiyans find the most powerful people on the planet and make their way towards them Gohan and Piccolo. The others on the team sense the Saiyans, and make their way towards Piccolo and Gohan's desert location as well.



16. The Battle Begins - Goku Where Are You? Nappa and Vegeta reach Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin in the desert. Tien, Chautzu, and Yamcha arrive soon after. Nappa unleashes his Saibamen, little green creatures that zip around the special forces, until they decide they will fight them one on one. There are six saibamen. Tien goes first.



17. The Saibamen Strike Tien strikes, and overpowers the Saibaman he had to face. Yamcha goes next, and after defeating one, asks to take on all four. Before he gets the chance, the Saibaman he thought dead latched onto him and exploded, killing them both. Enraged by the death of his friend, Krillin takes on all four Saibaman and defeats them. With the Saibamen destroyed, Nappa charges up to battle the special forces.



18. Nappa.. the Invincible? Nappa attacks the special forces, and gives them quite a beating, knocking Tien out cold. In an effort to destroy Nappa himself, Chautzu grabs onto Nappa's back and self destructs, leaving Nappa unscathed, but Chautzu dead. Krillin and Piccolo perform the triform maneuver, splitting into three identical components, giving Nappa six fighters to face. Meanwhile, Goku continues to race towards Earth.



19. Tien Goes All Out Tien recovers, and gives every last bit of energy to fire a blast at Nappa, but misses, and dies shortly afterwards. Vegeta decides to call a time out, and give Goku three hours to get back to Earth for a more interesting fight. A bored Nappa takes off and destroys a few battleships and jet fighters.



20. Time's Up! The three hours are up, and so Nappa begins fighting the special forces once more. Piccolo devises a plan to grab Nappa's tail, but it doesn't work, since these Saiyans have overcome that weakness. Piccolo is hit hard by Nappa. Goku arrives at the checkpoint, and Kame transports him to Korin Tower, where he leaps off and boards Flying Nimbus, racing to the battle ground as fast as he can.



21. The Return of Goku Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan continue fighting Nappa, and Piccolo is killed after taking a blast from Nappa that was meant for Gohan. Goku arrives and finds the special forces on the brink of defeat.  He gives Gohan and Krillin a senzu bean, which when eaten, heals your body and raises your power. He confronts Nappa and gives him a run for his money, not allowing the brutish Saiyan to even lay a hand on him.



22. Goku Strikes Back Goku continues fighting Nappa, whipping up on him badly, until Vegeta orders Nappa to give up. Nappa then goes after Krillin and Gohan, and Goku eventually takes him out using the Kaio-Ken attack, which enhances all of his abilities, but is supposed to take quite a toll on his body.  It doesn't because he's strong enough to handle it. Goku sends away Gohan and Krillin and lures Vegeta to another location, where the two face off against each other.



23. Goku vs Vegeta - A Saiyan Battle The two Saiyans continue their battle in which the fate of the world hangs. Vegeta overpowers Goku's Kaio-Ken attack, but proves to be no match for his triple Kaio-Ken attack. Vegeta decides to stop fighting Goku and just destroy the planet with an energy blast because he's pissed that Goku is stronger than he.. Vegeta flies up and charges up for a Gatlic Gun, his second strongest attack. Goku has no choice but to do a triple kaio-ken along with a kamehameha to counter. Goku can feel the triple kaio-ken take a toll on his body. The two fire, and Goku has to shift into Kao-Ken times four to overpower Vegeta's blast, and sends him off into the sky.  Yajirobe comes out and congratulates Goku with a pat on the back.  Goku yells out in pain as the kaio-ken times four really messed up his body.  Yajirobe flees and hides again as Goku tells him Vegeta will be off the beam and mad as a hornet. An enraged Vegeta returns to the ground and launches an energy sphere that simulates a full moon.



24. Vegeta - Saiyan Style The simulated full moon transforms Vegeta into the gigantic monster that all Saiyans with tails can transform into, called Oozaru. All Goku can do is avoid him, but the monster is too fast. Vegeta jacks Goku pretty badly.  Goku gets a sneaky attack in, a beam to Vegeta's eye. Vegeta ends up crushing both of Goku's legs as he stomps on them. Krillin and Gohan sense that Goku is in trouble, and fly towards the fight. They get there and see Vegeta holding Goku in his hand, crushing him like a bug. The two devise a plan to cut off his tail and turn him back into normal Vegeta.



25. Stop Vegeta Now!! Gohan and Krillin take on the transformed Vegeta. Krillin tosses a Destructo Disc at his tail while Gohan distracts him, but misses. To everyone's surprise, Yajirobe leaps out of nowhere and chops off Vegeta's tail with his sword, reverting him back to a normal Saiyan. Krillin is knocked out cold, and Gohan holds his own against Vegeta. Krillin awakens, and Goku gives him a Spirit Bomb formed with his last bit of energy. Krillin launches the Bomb, but Vegeta dodges, and it heads for Gohan, who deflects it up at Vegeta, hitting him dead on.



26. The Battle Ends Vegeta is still able to battle after the hit and once again attacks the team. First he takes out Krillin, and then Gohan. Before he can remove Gohan's tail, Yajirobe takes a slash at him with him sword, severely wounding him. Vegeta gets back up and knocks Yajirobe out. Meanwhile, Gohan has managed to begin his transformation into a monster, and a frightened Vegeta cannot stop it. After gaining focus through a mental link with Goku, Gohan fights Vegeta. Vegeta is no match for him, but ends up cutting his tail off, only to have a half transformed Gohan fall on him, which takes all the fight out.. Vegeta escapes in his space pod, and only because Goku stopped Krillin from killing him. Master Roshi, Bulma, and Chi-chi arrive in an aircraft to pick up the weary but victorious warriors.


Season two

The Frieza Saga

27. A New Goal - Namek Krillin and Bulma decide that they have to go to Namek to get another set of Dragon Balls, but don't quite know how to get there. Mr. Popo arrives and takes Bulma to Kame's old space ship, which they blast off in for a test ride.

28. Journey To Namek Krillin, Gohan and Bulma blast off in the ship for Namek. On their way, they are attacked by a fleet of robotic drones, which veers them into a camoflouged ship, where a series of traps leads to their capture.

29. Friends or Foes? As an army prepares to fire at Krillin and Gohan, an asteroid shower hits, and Krillin, Gohan and Bulma end up saving their captors, who let them go. They take off, and shortly after, land on Namek. Vegeta's pod lands on the planet Frieza, where the medics prepare to heal him.

30. Hunt for a Dragon Ball The group continues their search for the Dragon Balls on Namek, with the help of two friendly Nameks. They retrieve a ball from an acidic swamp, one from a twister, and another from a giant. Goku leaves the hospital and begins training. Vegeta emerges from a healing chamber, fully recovered.

31. Who's Who? Gohan and Krillin retrieve another ball from an ice cave. Their two Namek allies reveal themselves to be two manipulative monsters, who have made their planet look like Namek, and have planted the illusions of Dragon Balls. Gohan and Krillin struggle to free themselves from sea monsters, while the two aliens plot to steal their ship. Goku injures himself training, and must return to the hospital. Vegeta takes a space pod and leaves for Namek.

32. Touchdown on Namek Krillin and Gohan free themselves from the sea monsters and defeat the two aliens before they get to steal the ship. The gang takes off and finds the real Namek, and discover that Vegeta is also there, and that another great power possesses three Dragon Balls - Frieza.

33. Face Off on Namek Frieza and his solders steal another Dragon Ball from a group of Nameks. Two of Frieza's troops attack Krillin, Gohan and Bulma, crippling their ship, but Krillin and Gohan easily defeat them. Vegeta takes on old rival Kui, and easily kills him.

34. The Ruthless Frieza Goku leaves the hospital with the help of a Senzu bean, and takes off for Namek in his old space pod, modified by Dr. Briefs. Krillin and Gohan spy on Frieza, and find him terrorizing a village for its Dragon Ball.

35. The Nameks vs. Frieza Frieza's forces attack the Nameks, and the Namek warriors fight back, destroying their scouters. Dodoria steps in and takes out most of the Nameks.

36. Escape from Dodoria Dodoria continues his attack on the Nameks, finishing off the final warrior, and getting the Dragon Ball. Krillin and Gohan intervene and rescue a Namek child - Dende, narrowly escaping Dodoria. Goku begins training in his space pod at the gravity level like King Kai's planet..

37. Secrets Revealed Vegeta boasts his increased strength against Dodoria, and kills him after learning from him that it was actually Frieza who destroyed the planet Vegeta. Goku continues training, and the gang is informed that he will arrive in six days.

38. A Collision Course Goku's ship is damaged, and strays off course towards a star. Goku puts himself back on course by using a kaio-ken x10 and blasting a Kamehamea while standing outside the ship with a suit on. Yet after that, the gravity of the star pulls him back.  He uses another kaio-ken, but I have never heard what it was, and blasts his way from the star. Vegeta destroys a Namek village to steal their Dragon Ball, which he hides in a lake.

39. Stay Away From Frieza The spirits of Tien, Chautzu, Yamcha, and Piccolo arrive at King Kai's planet to train with him. King Kai telepathically orders Goku to stay away from Frieza. Krillin and Dende take off to see the Eldest Namek, who is in possession of a Dragon Ball.

40. Zarbon Transformed Training for the deceased continues on King Kai's planet, as the warriors try to catch Bubbles. Piccolo refuses to take part in any of that training. Goku trains at 50G. Krillin and Dende continue their flight to the Eldest Namek. Vegeta and Zarbon battle, and only by transforming into a monstrous state does Zarbon defeat the Saiyan prince, tossing him into a small lake.

41. The Eldest Namek Krillin and Dende reach the home of the Eldest Namek, Guru, who tells them of the origin of Piccolo and the Earth Dragon Balls. Guru also telepathically awakens Krillin's hidden power and gives him his Dragon Ball. Frieza is informed by a soldier of Vegeta's recent exploits, as Vegeta emerges unconscious from the lake Zarbon left him for dead in.

42. Get Vegeta! Zarbon returns to the lake and brings back to Frieza an unconscious Vegeta, who is placed in a rejuvenation chamber so they can find out where his Dragon Ball is. Krillin heads back from Guru's place with a Dragon Ball. On King Kai's planet, training continues as the warriors try to hit Gregory.

43. Vegeta Revived The warriors in training spar with each other to sharpen their skills.  Piccolo has the upper hand, but the warriors prove well as they get a hit off Piccolo.  Piccolo takes off his cape, but King Kai yells out 'snack time'. Gohan finds Vegeta's Dragon Ball in the lake, and flies off with it. Vegeta awakens and escapes Frieza's base, taking five Dragon Balls with him. He spots Krillin with a Dragon Ball and takes off after him. Zarbon then spots Vegeta and goes after him.

44. A Heavy Burden Krillin returns to Bulma with the Dragon Ball, and shortly after, Zarbon and Vegeta arrive to take it. Zarbon and Vegeta begin fighting over the Ball. Gohan continues flying back with Vegeta's Dragon Ball. An electrical storm causes a malfunction in Goku's ship, and he struggles to free himself from 100 times earths normal gravity. He succeeds, and ends up completely drained of energy.

45. Immortality Denied Goku recovers from his 100G experience with a Senzu bean. Frieza sends for the Ginyu Force to get his Dragon Balls back from Vegeta. Vegeta defeats Zarbon and takes Krillin's dragon ball. On his way back, Vegeta encounters Gohan, and knees him in the stomach after small criticism, unaware that he was hiding the Dragon Ball he had just stolen from him. Gohan flies off with the dragon ball. Vegeta finds his ball gone, and is pissed off.  One of his famous phrases out there... "I'll get you for this... you won't escape... my wrath!" and flies back to the the warriors and Bulma to get it back.

46. Big Trouble for Bulma Gohan and Krillin travel back to Guru's place, to unlock Gohan's hidden powers as well. An angry Frieza blasts at the countryside, jarring Bulma's Dragon Ball into the ocean. She dives down in a submarine and gets it back from a giant crab that didn't invite her welcome due to crab eggs on it's back. When she resurfaces, two of Frieza's soldiers find her.

47. Scramble for the Dragon Balls Goku intensifies his training by taking on his own energy blasts at 100G. Bulma tricks Frieza's goons into going underwater for the Dragon Balls, where they anger the giant crab and eventually get pulled under.  Bulma is safe with the dragon ball. Vegeta senses Krillin and Gohan, and takes off after them, taking one dragon ball with him.  He now has six. Frieza awaits the arrival of the Ginyu Force.

48. The Arrival of the Ginyu Force Krillin and Gohan sense that Vegeta is after them. Krillin sends Gohan ahead and stays to stall Vegeta. Gohan makes it to Guru's, and his powers are enhanced by the Guru Sama. He steps out and prepares to fight Vegeta alongside of Krillin. The confrontation is avoided as they all sense a great power - The Ginyu Force, which is about to land on Namek. The three team up and take off the get the Dragon Balls together, Vegeta might get his wish of immortality after all?  Frieza is introduced to the Ginyu Force... Captain Ginyu, Jeice, Berter, Recoome, and Guldo!

49. Elite Fighters of the Universe - The Ginyu Force The three arrive at the location of Vegeta's six Dragon Balls. Krillin's hesitation to hand over the last one leads to the arrival of the Ginyu Force. Vegeta tries to throw one out of their grasp, but it is caught by Berter's specialty... speed. Krillin tries to destroy his, but he is intercepted by Guldo.  (If you've seen this episode - The ball disappeared from Krillin's hands into Guldo's, that was from his Time Freeze) Ginyu takes off with all seven dragon balls, and Gohan and Krillin prepare to battle with Guldo.

50. Time Tricks and Body Binds Gohan and Krillin fight Guldo, who evades their attacks using Time Freeze. They continue attacking and wear Guldo down. Guldo uses the mind freeze to lock Gohan and Krillin in place, while he beats up on them. He launches a sharpened tree trunk at Krillin, but surprisingly, Vegeta intervenes and fires a laser through Guldo's neck before the sharpened tree hits Krillin, the Mind Freeze wears off and Krillin dodges.  Vegeta then finishes off Guldo with one hand. Recoome steps forward to fight Vegeta, while Jeice and Berter do paper, rock, scissors.

51. The Relentless Recoome Vegeta gives it all he's got against Recoome.  He first beats down on Recoome after a major powerup.  Then for the finishing touch, he fires his most powerful attack, Final Flash. But Recoome turns out okay.  His armor is gone, he wears only a black undergarment.  Vegeta can't seem to do a thing to take him down. Recoome pummels Vegeta, and just as he is about to blast him into oblivion, Krillin and Gohan jump in and save him. Recoome takes out Krillin with one kick, and beats down Gohan.

52. Enter Goku Freiza tries to summon the Eternal Dragon, but finds that he can't.  He remembers a namek saying he doesn't know the password so he'll never summon the dragon.  Frieza thought he destroyed every namek, but finds out there are more.  He heads off, while Ginyu protects the dragon balls. Gohan battles Recoome, but loses terribly. Just as all looks lost, Goku's ship lands. Goku races to his teammates and heals Gohan with a Senzu bean.

53. Goku - Super Saiyan? Vegeta and Krillin are also restored to perfect health by the last Senzu beans, courtesy of Goku. Goku turns his attention to Recoome, and takes him out with one elbow. Vegeta senses Goku's true power, and suspects that he is a legendary Super Saiyan. Jeicee and Berter step in and try to taunt Goku by flying around him at high speeds. They fail, as Goku doesn't even flinch. They begin firing at him, but Goku looks as if he doesn't take a step and the energy balls fly right through him. Vegeta is now convinced that Goku is indeed a Super Saiyan, seeing Goku's feet, moving as Jeice and Berter fire energy balls and becomes enraged at the fact that Goku, and not him, has reached such an amazing goal.

Season Three

54. Ginyu Assault Burter and Jeice of the fearsome Ginyu Force launch an attack on Goku. But the tables turn as Goku's new power is way too much for them to handle. After Goku easily defeats Burter, Jeice rushes to retrieve the fiercest of all Ginyu... Captain Ginyu himself. But can their collective force match up to the new Goku?

55. Incredible Force Vegeta becomes enraged as Goku lets Jeice go.  Vegeta leaps up and steps on Berter's neck, crushing it.  He then fires a beam, which takes out Recoome.  Vegeta flees before the battle between Goku and Ginyu commences.  He plans to get the dragon balls now.  An angry Captain Ginyu initiates a battle with the fearless Goku, as the ruthless mercenary attempts to uncover Goku's true strength. But Goku cleverly conceals his power level from the militant monster. Finally, at the insistence of the captain, Goku astounds both Jeice and Ginyu by revealing his true power... A power unlike anything else they had anticipated.

56. Frieza Approches Captain Ginyu and Jeice face up to Goku only to discover the truth about what they're up against. Elsewhere, Guru bestows a special gift of healing upon the young Namek, Dende. And Nail returns to defend Guru from the villainous Frieza. But will Nail's help be enough?

57. Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku Frieza battles Nail in an effort to discover the password for the Dragon Balls.  Nail battles Frieza to give the warriors a chance to get the dragon balls. But can his skills measure up? Elsewhere, a powerful Goku faces the remaining Ginyu force. But careful Goku! Captain Ginyu has some fiendish trickery in store.  Ginyu punches right through the side of his own chest, concealing purple blood.  He then does the secret body change attack.

58. Calling the Eternal Dragon Vegeta's plan to recapture the Dragon Balls is put on hold as Gohan and Krillin are first to find the buried treasure. But all three are in for a big shock as Captain Ginyu shows up in Goku's body.  Gohan and Krillin find out that's not Goku as the injured Ginyu (Goku) arrives and yells to them.

59. Gohan Defeat Your Dad!! Gohan and Krillin battle Captain Ginyu, disguised in Goku's body. But watch out! Vegeta's taking action with a strength no one expected! Vegeta disposes of Jeice with ease.  Is Vegeta really a Super Saiyan?

60. Captain Ginyu... The Frog An injured Goku (Ginyu) awaits Vegeta's onslaught. But the weakened warrior has devious plans up his sleeve. Will he be able to switch bodies with Vegeta the way he managed to switch with Goku? And what will become of Goku, now struggling in Captain Ginyu's crippled body?

61. Password is Porunga A defeated Nail reveals to Frieza his subtle plot, to stall him long enough for the Earthlings to summon Porunga, the Namekian Dragon!  Nail is lying on the ground, and so weakened by the ruthless Frieza, that he can't move. Finding his confidence in the Ginyu Force misguided, a frustrated Frieza races to stop Krillin and Gohan from executing their wishes. But with Dende revealing the password, can Frieza stop the Earthlings?

62. Piccolo Returns! Gohan and Krillin summon Porunga, the Namekian Dragon, to make their wishes. But to their disappointment they discover only one person can be returned for each wish. Without sufficient wishes to return all four Krillin and Gohan resort to the next best thing - restore Piccolo, thereby reinstating Kame and the Dragon Balls on Earth! The second wish is to put Piccolo on Namek. Piccolo ends up somewhere else on namek. But an enraged Vegeta arrives before the last wish is cast. Will his arrival ruin their plans?

63. The Fusion  Elsewhere, with Porunga's help, Piccolo arrives on the planet Namek only to discover a badly injured Nail. Guru fades out... he dies from heartbreak of his loss.  The dragon fades out and Vegeta doesn't get his wish of immortality. Frieza is furious when he discovers the Namekian Dragon Balls are gone, and launches into battle with Vegeta. Even though Nail can't continue to fight in his own body, he can continue to fight by combining with Piccolo in a Namekian fusion technique! Will Piccolo, now united with Nail, arrive on the battlefield in time to stop Frieza's diabolical plans to destroy all the inhabitants of Namek?

64. Fighting Power: One Million? Vegeta takes on the alien and proves to be at equal power.  Vegeta taunts Frieza and tells Frieza to go into his next form.  Zarbon said that Frieza could also change forms.  Vegeta thinks that Frieza's power really won't go too high. Frieza's dark past is explained as his destruction of the Saiyan home planet is revealed. But Frieza also has other hideous secrets more revelant to the warriors from Earth, such as the power to transform! In this new transformed state of form 2, is his power level really over 1,000,000? Form 2 Frieza's first move is through Krillin.  With his sharp horns, he spikes a horn through Krillin's stomach, then flings him into the nearby water.

65. Piccolo The Super-Namek Gohan is seriously wounded in his grapple with Frieza. But a renewed Krillin jumps back in the fray and resumes his war on Frieza. Krillin fires a distructo disc at Frieza.  Frieza dodges by twisting up, but his tail is sliced off. Thanks to Krillin's efforts, Frieza is stalled long enough for Dende to restore Gohan's health. Finally, Piccolo, now united with Nail, arrives to the battlefield! Will the combined efforts of Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo be enough to stop Frieza's reign of terror?

66. Deja Vu Piccolo, unioned with Nail, launches into an all out brawl with Frieza. As the battle wages it appears Piccolo has finally gained the upper hand. But Frieza isn't done yet! Frieza hasn't a scratch by Piccolo, and not a scratch on Piccolo by Frieza.  Frieza sends Piccolo into the ground with a mighty blast and thinks he has the battle.  But Piccolo floats to the surface, with an aurora of rocks circling him.

67. Frieza's second Transformation The united powers of Nail and Piccolo continue to struggle against the almighty Frieza. For a brief moment it seems the Namekian duo could be victorious, but Frieza soon sets everyone straight with a second transformation! With new speed and strength, Frieza gives Piccolo a ruthless beating. Can Gohan and Krillin come to Piccolo's aid? And what clever plan is Vegeta devising? Form three, second transformation!

68. Another Transformation? Desperate to help Piccolo, the enraged Gohan unleashes an attack that nearly topples Frieza. Inspired by Gohan's powerful display, Vegeta reveals his daring plan: he will let Krillin beat him to near death, and force Dende to heal him, as a Saiyan's power increases after healing from a serious injury. Could this tactic finally transform Vegeta into a legendary Super Saiyan? Meanwhile, it seems Frieza has a plan of his own: his final transformation!

69. Dende's Demise Having reached his ultimate form, the evil Frieza begins a merciless assault. To start, he takes out the only one who cannot be healed by Dende- Dende himself!  For Frieza saw Dende heal Piccolo and Vegeta. As Frieza's onslaught continues, it becomes clear that Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan don't stand a chance. Suprisingly, the fully healed Vegeta comes to the rescue, wanting to fight Frieza single-handedly! Are Vegeta's claims true? Is he really a Super Saiyan?  Frieza laughs at the saying.

70. The Remewed Goku Despite his new powers, Vegeta proves to be no match for the all-powerful Frieza. With each painful punch, Vegeta's dreams of becoming a Super Saiyan fade away, and Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin can do nothing but watch, frozen with fear. Back on the spaceship, Goku's healing is almost complete! Can Vegeta survive Frieza's relentless beating long enough for Goku to arrive?

71. The End of Vegeta The revitalized Goku arrives on the battlefield of Namek.  He takes on Frieza.  Vegeta talks and taunts Frieza about Goku really being a super saiyan.  Frieza is tired of Vegeta and fires a beam straight through him. Beaten and broken, Vegeta hangs on to his life by a thread, using the few minutes he has left to share the secrets of his violent past. Will this shocking revelation help explain Vegeta's ruthless nature? And why does Goku look so familiar to Frieza?

72. The Ultimate Battle Feeling a new sense of brotherhood with his long-lost Saiyan race, Goku wages a determined battle with the evil Frieza. As the fight ensues, it appears that Goku is holding his own! In an attempt to defeat Goku, Freiza directs his energy blasts at Namek itself, turning the planet into a deadly, lava-spitting war zone! Can Goku stop Frieza before Namek is torn to pieces?

73. Clash of Super Powers Goku and Frieza continue to match strength and wits on Namek. A clever underwater attack puts Goku on top until Frieza traps Goku in an energy ball. It's pinball style fun for Frieza as he bats Goku around, but being trapped in the exploding ball proves to be a deadly game for Goku!  The ball hits the ground and explodes.  The smoke clears and Goku is fine!

74. Frieza's Boast To prove his superiority, Frieza vows to beat Goku without using his hands. But after a few painful lessons, the mighty Saiyan has Frieza eating his words. Elsewhere on Namek, Captain Ginyu manages to pull the ol' switcheroo on Bulma, leaving her trapped in the body of a frog!

75. Bold and Fearless Captain Ginyu returns to the battlefield, but this time, in Bulma's body! Can Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan somehow find out who the bulma character really is? And when Frieza powers up to fifty percent of his maximum, Goku is totally outclassed by the evil super giant! Without anymore cards up his sleeve, where does Goku go from here?

76. Embodiment of Fire Goku is in hot water when even his Kaio Ken Attack has no effect on Frieza who is only at fifty-percent of his maximum power level! But when it looks like Frieza has dealt the final blow, a dreamlike vision helps Goku to awaken to an even higher level of power and strength!  Goku tries for a kaio-ken x20 and pucnehs at Frieza.  Frieza fades and appears up top.  Goku fires a kamehameha in his kaio-ken x20 state.  Frieza holds on with a one handed blast of his own, but he feels the power.  His hand is scratched up pretty bad as the two beams explode.

77. Trump Card Once again Goku is rescued from the depths of despair by a vision! This time Vegeta talks to Goku from beyond the grave to offer the ailing Saiyan new hope and encouragement! But when the renewed Goku realizes that the battle against Frieza is futile, he turns to his last resort: the Spirit Bomb!

78. Keep the Chance Alive Yamcha, Tien, and Chautzu are shivering in their boots when the members of the Ginyu Force pay them a surprise visit at King Kai's planet! Meanwhile, back on Namek, Frieza puts a stop to Goku's struggling efforts to gather enough energy to form the Spirit Bomb, and Piccolo has to intervene to buy Goku the precious time that he needs!

79. Power of the Spirit Chaos erupts on King Kai's peaceful planet as the Z soldiers battle the Ginyu Force! Back on Namek, a life and death struggle between Piccolo and Frieza buys Goku the time he needs to finish gathering enough energy to form the Spirit Bomb! And when Goku scores a direct hit on Frieza, it looks like the battle is over at last!

80. Transformed at last A tender victory celebration comes to a crashing halt when Frieza reappears on the battlefield! With no reserves left, Goku watches helplessly as Frieza fires a beam through Piccolo and destroys Krillin by lifting him up with energy, and making him explode. Enraged by the loss of his friend, Goku suddenly undergoes a wild transformation! What's happened here? Goku has become... a Super Saiyan!!!

81. Explosion of Anger Engulfed in a shimmering aura of golden light, a completely rejuvenated Goku announces that he is now a Super Saiyan! Frieza is curious but unimpressed - until the fighting begins, that is! In a raging battle Frieza is horrified when he realizes that Goku is now superior to him in every way!

82. Namek's Destruction Finding Goku's newfound Super Saiyan strength to be too much for him, Frieza directs his attack at the planet Namek itself! Unable to react in time, Goku is forced to watch helplessly as Frieza's energy blast tears through the heart of the once tranquil planet. Things look bleak for the mighty Saiyan and his friends as the fiery explosion rips through Namek's core! Can anyone survive such incredible destruction?

 83. A Final Attack With only minutes to go before the planet explodes, Goku launches a ferocious assault against the weakened Frieza. But Frieza proves that he has a few tricks left up his sleeve as he begins to gather the energy he needs to achieve 100% of his true power!  (Goku lets him) Meanwhile, Gohan races to bring Bulma back to Goku's spaceship as Namek crumbles around them.  Earlier, Bulma and Ginyu switched back when Gohan found out from the frog's kind of sign language that it's Bulma.  Ginyu tries to change bodies with Piccolo, but Gohan puts the frog in the way.  Bulam is restored to herself. Can Goku defeat Frieza in time to rejoin his son and fly to safety, or is the fully energized Frieza too powerful for even the Super Saiyan to handle?

84. Approching Destruction The two most powerful forces in the universe collide as the battle between Goku and Frieza rages on. Back on Earth, the seven Dragon Balls have been collected, and King Kai devises a plan that may save his friends on Namek and put an end to the evil Frieza. But with Namek's final destruction imminent, can Kame and Popo use the Dragon Balls before it's too late?

 85. Gohans Return The first stage of King Kai's plan is complete, and all of Frieza's victims have been wished back to life. But while the people of Namek begin to rise again, the mighty Super Saiyan Goku falls as Frieza launches a devastating final assault. Sensing his father's defeat, Gohan rushes to the scene as the universe's last hope against the seemingly invincible Frieza. Can Gohan succeed where Goku failed, or will this be the end of both father and son?

86. The Last Wish Guru and the people of Namek have been brought back to life, and the dragon Porunga has reappeared to grant the last of three wishes. While a newly enraged Goku resumes his onslaught against the evil Frieza, Dende races to make the final wish of King Kai's plan. But Frieza has his own wish in mind, and he too speeds toward the dragon! Can anything stand in the way of Frieza finally being granted immortality?

87. Duel on a Vanishing Planet With all of his friends evacuated to the safety of Earth, Goku has chosen to remain on the doomed planet of Namek to finish Frieza once and for all. But Frieza refuses to go down quietly, and it looks as though the mighty Saiyan is prepared. And with Namek about to explode, Goku gives Frieza another chance, knowing he is too superior! Has Goku made the greatest - and final - mistake of his life?

88. Pathos of Frieza Time is growing short for Goku, as each passing second brings Namek closer to it's ultimate destruction. But the Super Saiyan's powers seem to know no limits, and it looks as though the once unstoppable Frieza has final been outmatched! As Goku's strength continues to increase with every blow, it appears that the battle has at last reached its conclusion! ...or has it?

89. Frieza Defeated!! As his desperation grows, Frieza's attempts to destroy Goku become more and more reckless. Goku's power proves to be far superior, however, and he easily counters the evil tyrant's attacks. It seems that Frieza's greatest fear has been realized - defeat at the hands of a Super Saiyan! But the clock is ticking! Can Goku escape Namek before it explodes?


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