Trunks Saga


Episode 103 - Frieza's Counterattack It all starts off with Gohan.  Chi-Chi is cracking down hard with Gohan's studies and gets him a tutor.  The tutor's name is Mr. Shu and he is realllllly strict.  He should actually be fired.  He has a whip and whips Gohan with it several times saying that Gohan is lazy because of his dumb inconsiderate father.  Gohan gets angry at this but does nothing.  Meanwhile... Vegeta lands and disturbs Yamcha, Bulma, and a few others.  Bulma's got this wierd hairdo and I can hardly recognize her.  Yamcha is afraid of Vegeta and can't believe he's there.  But... Bulma hardly budges and orders Vegeta to shower because he stinks.  Vegeta growls at this but of course, listens.  Vegeta is showering and Bulma puts his clothes in the washer.  (She is in the bathroom at the time... and the screen shows a blury image of Vegeta's naked body through the shower doors.)  Bulma heads out and talks to Yamcha.  The funniest part of this whole saga is when Vegeta calls out to Bulma... "Hey... servant woman... I need a towel!"  He calls this several times.  Bulma puts her hands on her hips and yells to him that her name is Bulma.  Bulma left Vegeta clothes... a pink shirt and a pair of pants.  Vegeta is pissed off that he got a pink shirt, claiming a warrior doesn't wear clothes like that.  Meanwhile... Master Roshi is looking at porno magazines while Krillin practices his kamehameha wave.  At Chi-Chi's house... Gohan falls into a dream.  He dreams that he leaps out of his window and sees his father.  He hugs him and brings him in.  Chi-Chi looks younger at that point.  Suddenly... Goku turns into form 4 Frieza.  Frieza grabs Gohan's shirt and punches at him.  Gohan catches his hand.  Frieza says a few remarks about Goku but Gohan awakes.  He is holding onto Mr. Shu's arm.  Mr. Shu is yelling for Gohan to let go, as Gohan could nearly have broke his hand.  Mr. Shu takes out his whip.  He says another mean remark about Gohan's dad.  Gohan has had enough... he catches the whip and holds on.  Mr. Shu orders Gohan to release.  Gohan tells Mr. Shu that he won't let anyone say any bad remarks about his father.  At that, the whip cracks in Gohan's hand.  Chi-Chi suddenly comes in.  Mr. Shu tells Chi-Chi that the father has been teaching too much martial arts to the boy... Gohan.  Gohan says something and Mr. Shu whips at him again.  Gohan's head begins to bleed, but Gohan shows no pain or movement.  Chi-Chi picks Mr. Shu up above her head.  She throws him out of the window.  Mr. Shu gets up and yells he'll get his lawyer.  At that... Chi-Chi chases him off the premises.  But something is wrong... the Z Warriors realize that Frieza is alive... and stronger than ever!

Episode 104 - The Mysterious Youth The warriors gather up... Krillin, Piccolo, Gohan, Yamcha, Vegeta, Puar, Tien, Chautzu, and Bulma.  They head to the spot where they feel the power of Frieza.  Yes indeed... it's true!  Frieza and another strong power are headed straight for Earth.  Meanwhile... in the ship of King Cold... Frieza stands by his fathers side.  King Cold is humongous and looks like form 2 Frieza, just bigger and purple.  In this episode they show a flashback of how Frieza survived Namek.....
Frieza had been cut by his own disc.  Super Saiyan Goku was nice enough to give Frieza a little energy to get off the planet.  Frieza fired what he had left at Goku.  Goku yells out, "you fool!!!"  and sends Frieza to another dimension with a mighty blast that counters Frieza's.  Or so we think.  It then shows a picture of Namek exploding.  King Cold is on a search for his son... Frieza.  "My son couldn't have died from a planet explosion."  King Cold says.  He looks at a glass window.  It instantly shatters and sucks out a few of his men.  King Cold just stands there.  Finally they spot Frieza.  His bottom half gone... half of his face gone... but alive!!!  They instantly begin to work on him and give him a newer and better body.  To make Frieza the most powerful warrior in the universe again.  Once Frieza is completed he yells... "Set course to Earth father!"  King Cold yells it out... and they begin their journey.
Now... the ship has landed and Frieza along with King Cold step out of their ship.  The Z Warriors don't show themselves but feel the power, they wouldn't stand a chance against Frieza.  Many men of Frieza's spread out.  Frieza suddenly sees Super Saiyan Goku on a rock.  Goku looks at Frieza.  Frieza is scared out of his mind.  But the Super Saiyan disappears.... it was only an illusion.  Frieza's body starts to cackle with electric energy as his anger builds up.  Suddenly... about 10 of Frieza's men are diced and sliced to pieces.  A warrior with a sword stands before Frieza and King Cold.  Who is this lone warrior?

Episode 105 - Another Super Saiyan?  Frieza and the other warrior taunt each other a little.  Frieza is sure that he can kill him with ease.  Frieza tells a henchmen to kill the young man standing before them.  The henchmen clicks on his scouter and sees the warriors power level at 5.  The henchmen fires a beam.  It immediately bounces off of the youth.  The youth runs at the men and dices them up with his sword.  Frieza is impressed... but still thinks he can kill the lone warrior.  The warrior then states that Goku is not the only one able to go super saiyan.  Frieza shutters at the words and laughs at the super saiyan bit.  King cold looks at Frieza... "What's a Goku?"  He asks.  Frieza tells his father that it's too complicated to understand.  (You'll understand that in these episodes King Cold gives Frieza everything.  Frieza cares for his father but sometimes raises his voice)  Trunks then begins to power up.  The bodies around him float into the air.  His purple hair floats up with the wind and turns gold.  His eyes green.  Frieza notices that Trunks has the eyes of Goku as a super saiyan.  Frieza fires blasts at Trunks but Trunks just hits them away.  Frieza leaps into the air and forms a gigantic ball with his finger.  (The exact move he used to destroy Planet Vegeta)  He throws it at the Super Saiyan.  It sinks into the ground.  Frieza lands by his father.  But suddenly... the gigantic energy ball begins to float.  Trunks holds the ball with one hand.  Frieza growls and fires another energy ball into the gigantic one.  It shines and explodes.  The Z Warriors shutter and see the gigantic explosion.  They feel the wind and hold on tight.  But the rejoicing party for King Cold and Frieza is foiled as Trunks calls out Frieza's name.  Trunks is behind them and on a rock.  Trunks fires an energy ball from his hands.  King Cold and Frieza jump up.  Trunks comes down and slices Frieza in half.  King Cold yells out for his son.  Trunks slices and dices and cuts Frieza into itty bitty pieces.  Trunks then fires a beam that makes sure no parts of Frieza are left.  King Cold floats to the ground as so does Trunks.  King Cold tries to talk Trunks into joining him.  Trunks declines quickly.  King Cold then tricks Trunks into giving him the Z Sword.  Saying that such a fine sword should be examined and praised.  Trunks gives him the sword.  King Cold looks at it and says that Trunks wouldn't have beaten his son if it wasn't for the sword.  He comes down with the sword on Trunks.  Trunks catches it with one hand.  King Cold is surprised and struggles.  Trunks smirks and a gold aurora swallows his body.  He holds his hand out and fires a beam through King Cold.  King Cold falls off of the rock and slams into another.  He slides to the ground.  King Cold begs for mercy but Trunks fires down a beam... destroying King Cold.

Episode 106 - Welcome Back Goku Vegeta and the gang saw Trunks destory Frieza.  They think that it was a super saiyan that did this.  Vegeta says that it isn't true... Kakarot (Goku)... himself, and Gohan are the only saiyans left.  Trunks sees the Z Team and invites them to go see Goku.  They are stunned at his words.  Trunks flies off and says that Goku should be there in a few hours.  One by one they begin to follow.  They finally land at the spot Trunks says and Trunks throws out a capsule corporation seed.  It brings out a small fridge full of drinks.  As they wait Trunks looks at Vegeta.  Vegeta gets angry and keeps asking him what he is looking at.  Trunks answers nothing.  (Vegeta is still wearing the pink shirt.)

The rest is basically nothing but talk.  But Goku shows the Z Team that he knows Teleportation, Instantaneous Movement

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