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Earth's Dragon Balls

Must collect all 7 dragon balls.

Only one wish per summoning of Shenlong.

The dragon cannot grant wishes that exceeds the creator's power.

Must call to the dragon in English, a chant.

After the one wish, the dragon will disappear and the dragon balls will turn to stone for one year.

You may wish back anyone, but not if they died of natural causes.

If the person has died, and has already been wished back once by the earth dragon balls, they may not be wished back again.


Namekian Dragon Balls

Must collect all 7 dragon balls.

Need to say a chant in Namekian.

No one can be wished back that has died of a natural cause.

Person that has died can be wished back more than once.

Person gets three wishes before dragon phases out.

When three wishes are used, dragon phases out and dragon balls turn to stone for 175 days. 

The dragon cannot grant wishes that exceeds it's creators power.

Dragon Ball Wishes

  1. Wish to be king (pre=DB, Shenron)

  2. Wish for panties (DB, Shenron)

  3. Wish that Bora be resurrected (DB, Shenron)

  4. Wish to be younger (DB, Shenron)

  5. Wish that everyone killed by Piccolo Daimaou be returned to life (DB, Shenron)

  6. Wish that Goku be brought back to life (DBZ, Shenron)

  7. Wish that Piccolo be brought back to life (DBZ, Porunga)

  8. Wish that Piccolo be transported to Namek (DBZ, Porunga)

  9. Wish for everyone killed by Frieza and his men to be resurrected (DBZ, Shenron)

  10. Wish for everyone on Namek except Frieza and Goku to be transported to Earth (DBZ, Porunga)

  11. Wish that Krillin's soul be brought to Earth (DBZ, Porunga)

  12. Wish for Krillin's resurrection (DBZ, Porunga)

  13. Wish that Yamcha be revived (DBZ, Porunga)

  14. Wish for Chiautzu's resurrection (DBZ, Porunga)

  15. Wish for Tien's resurrection (DBZ, Porunga)

  16. To transport the Namekians and the Namekian Dragon Balls to a new planet, similar to Namek (DBZ, Porunga)

  17. Wish for everyone killed by Cell to be revived (DBZ, Shenron)

  18. Wish for the bombs planted within 17 and 18 to be removed (DBZ, Shenron)

  19. Wish for everyone who died the day of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai to be revived, except evildoers (DBZ, Shenron)

  20. Wish for the Earth to be restored (DBZ, Porunga)

  21. Wish for everyone killed since Babidi appeared to be restored to life, except evil people (DBZ, Porunga)

  22. Wish for Goku to be restored to Full Power (DBZ, Porunga)

  23. Wish that everyone on Earth, (besides main characters of course), would forget about that Majin Boo incident (DBZ, Shenron)

  24. Wish for Goku to be a kid (DBGT, Red Shenron)

  25. Wish to create a new planet Plant (DBGT, Red Shenron)

  26. Wish for Earth to be restored (DBGT, Porunga)

  27. Wish for everyone who died since hell reconnected twith the Earth to be revived, (DBGT, Dark Shenron)

  28. Wish for everyone in the last round of fighting who died to be restored (DBGT, Shenron)

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